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Much of the students’ ongoing work (in both art and coding) shows up here:

and here:


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Registration information:


We hold 33 classes from September to June. 

We do not apply an up-front enrolment fee. 

The program is paid monthly, or conveniently (less expensive) in annual and bi-annual payments.


For students:

The fee (with HST added) is :

$90 per month (annual)

$95 per month (bi-annual)

$100 per month (monthly subscription + $5 processing fee)

for classes, once a week, over 33 weeks.

Some months have 5 sessions, some have 3 sessions, however we subdivide each monthly payment equally.  


*Four-week notice required to withdraw from classes, as we are dedicated to the program.

** Family discount is - 10% for the second child and 15% off for the third child. 

*** Art Shows will take place in December and June. 


Thanks again,

And ask away if you have any more questions!




**Update on Masks**


While we’re SO excited to hear about the ease of masks in Newfoundland and Labrador, I wanted to update you on SassyTuna’s policies and procedures to keep everyone as comfortable as possible!


SassyTuna is a studio that has at most, on an average Saturday, 15-20 students and teachers total.

When you come to the studio, we ARE able to keep socially distant, and won’t require you to wear a mask.


If you feel more comfortable wearing one, please do so. My instructors and I also prefer to wear one.


On a super busy day, if there are more than 25 in the studio, we would ask to wear one when walking to/from class or the restroom. (The space’s capacity is 50)