The video game classes, due to the small class size, is student driven with each student working on their own projects. Usually I start with an introduction to game programming using Scratch, a simplified programming language that uses drag and drop blocks to code. After making a few simple scratch games I usually show them RPG maker where they can make their own old school final fantasy like games.  Once I get an idea of their interests and skill level they choose what kind of game they want to make.  In the past I've done 2d animation using DragonBones or pixel animation using piskel, which can then be used in their games.  There is an end of term video for the video game class. If you have any more questions feel free to ask. - Michael Wheeler


For animation classes, we use Blender for modelling in 3D and animate using various open-source programs. We do both 2D and 3D work. We have our own laptops or students are welcome to bring their own equipment/hardware. Charlie Murphy, our animation teacher, is a 15 year studio veteran in TV animation and video games. The animation classes are also quite small like the video game classes, so Charlie can work with the students’ individual interests. 

Code/Video Gaming: