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How to Take Care of Your Paintbrushes

Updated: Jan 12

Do you ever watch craft videos online? We love them and watch them on YouTube, or sometimes on Facebook. They give us ideas and inspire a different way to think about household supplies as art supplies. What we don’t like about these videos though, is how sometimes the artists are so mean to their paint brushes.

Tender Loving Care

A paint brush - even a cheap one - can last you years if you take good care of it. But how do you do that? Here are our best tips! 1. Buy Decent brushes Really good brushes can cost hundreds of dollars. Really bad ones can cost a couple bucks. Try and find something in the middle and that you really love using.

2. Keep it Tidy While Painting It’s not always easy, but keep the paint towards the end of the brush and away from the metal handle which holds the bristles. This is especially important when you paint with acrylics because this paint is basically just liquid plastic. If the littlest bit of paint gets in your handle, it will dry before you can wash them well and will ruin how the bristles point.

3. Warm Water

When rinsing your brushes or cleaning them, use warm water, not hot or cold. Hot water melts the glue holding your bristles in the handle, while cold will make the glue brittle, letting the bristles break off.

4. Invest in a Good Cleaner

Even if you don’t invest in fancy brushes, invest in a fancy brush cleaner. If you use oils, obviously you’ll need to use turpentine or paint thinner, but for acrylic and A small pot of cleaner will run you a few bucks but it will last forever. Your colours will be brighter going forward because you’ll get rid of residue from previous painting sessions.

5. Storage and Travel

Be kind when travelling with your brushes. Store them bristles up in a cup or jar and if you want to travel with them, use drinking straws to cover the bristles before throwing them into a brush roll or pencil case.

Be Gentle

Overall, be kind to your brushes. We know Bob Ross beats the devil out of his, but taking care of your brushes will help them last years, if not longer.

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