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Kids pick up pencils and crayons at a young age, telling stories through pictures, often before they can speak. SassyTuna builds on natural talent, teaching kids and youth the art skills they need to build confidence, self-awareness, and enthusiasm for learning.

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Art Classes

Our art classes are for children between the ages of five and 17, and cover skills in drawing, painting, pastels, and so much more.

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Coding Classes

Our video game and coding classes cover digital art, game design and development, and coding.

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Fun Events

Bring art to special events like birthday parties, safe grads, and showers, offering workshops, pop-ups at trade shows, and so much more.

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Looking for more information about special events, classes, our students and teachers, or our process? Interested in learning a few artistic tips yourself? Here’s where you’ll get the latest news and information from the SassyTuna team!

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