7 Great Gift Ideas for the (Big and Little) Artist in your Life: SassyTuna Suggestions...

7 Great Gift Ideas for the (Big and Little) Artist in your Life: SassyTuna Suggestions...

Every year, without fail, SassyTuna gets requests on 'what to buy' the artist in their life. Time and money, and most importantly, joy, spent wisely is a great way to enjoy the Christmas Season, so I have listed my suggestions below, as they have inspired ME as gifts, and I have also watched thousands of students use these supplies (# 2-7) with great success.

(1) Gift Guide

GIFT GUIDE: Business and Arts NL - 2023 Local Holiday Gift Guide - buy local!

This guide  links shoppers directly to over 250 items from 89 local artists and creative entrepreneurs, you’ll find everything from tickets to inspiring live performances, local literature and photography to home and bath products, ceramics, carvings, stained glass and more. You’re sure to find something unique for that person who has everything – or even a treat for yourself!

And you can feel good knowing that by purchasing a gift from our guide, you’re helping support the creative economy of our province and the livelihoods of the talented artists and makers who live here.

Please share this guide far and wide and let’s support local this holiday season!

(2) Electric Eraser

Electric erasers - click here to buy

Please understand - I thought this was the epitome of laziness - electric? eraser? What an opulent thing to own! Yes, it is a dream, especially if you are a fan of sharp, sharp pencil lnes and like to use fancy paper. Also great for subtractive drawings. Big fan all around.

(3)Oil/chalk pastel

Oil/chalk pastels - click here to buy

Looking for the versatility of paint, with large coverage and rich colour (and less cleanup, depending on set-up)? Oil or chalk pastels are you best bet, oil is easier to clean (unless underfoot, please no) and chalk is fun to blend, especially with coloured papers with lots of tooth (ie, bumps/texture.) Best to put plastic over your desk first, even cut a clear leaf bag in half, for a clean surface.

For everyone who has no time for paint- or the cle- pastels are the next best option for large, bright pieces of art. Oil is cleaner (no dust), but chalk pastel is fun to blend. Especially if you have coloured papers to work on. Highly recommended!

(4) Metallic Paint

Metallic acrylic paint - click here to buy

The magic of metallic paint brings every painting up a notch.

Especially in Newfoundland, where we are rich in minerals, need shiny objects with the sun disappearing at 4 pm, and appreciate the "visual chill" that metallics provide. Any artist will treasure the metallic paint you give them, especially as it can be mixed with traditional colours to give that extra 'punch.'

(5) Watercolour Pencil Box

Watercolour Pencils - click here to buy

I was given watercolour pencils over 25 years ago - and I still have the same box and use them, too! The pink is the shortest one in the box, surprise, surprise. If you have an exacto knife, (if you're at an age to use them) that's the best way to sharpen them without losing the tips and wasting the precious insides.

I use them to travel, do seaside watercolour trips, start a plein-air and finish it at home, or do a drawing that I decide to transform into a painting. It is THE cleanest way to paint, and there are multiple ways to use them, too!.

(6) Electric Sharpener

Electric Sharpeners - click here to buy

This is one of those gifts that seems silly (see electric eraser above) - until you have 1000 flat pencils and all you need is a point (cue)

And every artist that owns one, treasures it!

(7) Dremel Tool

Dremel - click here to buy
This was is electric tool I used for woodworking courses at both Grenfell College and Sheridan College, and never bought until I got as a Christmas gift. It polishes, drills, sands, carves, cuts, burns, etches, and is fun to use. Obviously this is in the (safer than a table saw) power tool category, but if you can use a glue gun, you can use this.

And bonus, it is lightweight and many are rechargeable. I use it on the regular, and you can replace the tips just like a drill.

You can make signs, carve your name, cut thick tubing, polish metal, and lots of other practical uses. Not JUST for art, and the versatility make it a great go-to.

*(I am offering/receiving no proceeds or promises from the suggestions above, they are merely from my educational opinion ~)

Have a Happy December and shop wisely :) !!

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